Choosing Fantastic Kitchen Floors

Kitchen floors can be quite difficult to choose, many people simply focus on the style of their design rather than looking into how you actually use the kitchen. If you use marble flooring it may look fantastic, however if you walk on it all day you will soon start to notice that your feet get tired very quickly.

If you spend a long time cooking then you would benefit from installing fairly soft flooring which is kind to your feet. These types of flooring will provide some cushioning when walking. Carpet, vinyl or linoleum provides this cushioning which can make a comfortable kitchen floor. You could also use rugs on top of a harder floor to provide some cushioning.

You should think about who will be using the kitchen and how often, think about how long you are normally stood in the same spot for. If you have any children or pets then you will no doubt have to put up with a few leaks and spills. If you get water on a marble surface then it will be extremely slippery, much more slippery than on vinyl flooring. If you have elderly people in your family then you should consider installing slip resistant floors.

Being Practical While Looking Good

You should choose floors which do not use wax or any easy to melt material as this could cause the floor to melt if you dropped anything on it. This would cause the floor to deteriorate very quickly. The spot of damage can spread very quickly. You should wipe up any spillages very quickly to avoid them causing any damage.

Another suitable option for kitchen floors is laminate flooring. This is becoming a very popular flooring option for kitchens as it comes in a wide range of different designs, is durable and fairly inexpensive. It is also very easy to install, there’s no need to hire a professional as most of them can be clicked together. Most of these are also stain resistant however liquid could cause a problem as most are not glued together and have gaps around the edge.

Granit, slate and marble flooring is often used in kitchens because it is very durable and easy to clean. However if you use your kitchen on a regular basis then none of these will really be suitable because they are too hard. These types of floors will mean that your feet and legs will quickly get tired when working in your kitchen. The grout can also get discolored if anything is spilled.